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It is not the vaccine alone that eradicated polio from India. The major role was played by it is mass awareness program on the Polio Vaccine and its impact in saving lives from the crippling virus. The whole of India, governments, NGOs, corporate companies and individuals took the mission in their hand to ensure every new born child is vaccinated against the Polio Virus. Now after 21 years of its nationwide campaign polio eradication is a reality. It’s front runner Smallpox Vaccination which started in 1950s took much more years to reach the mass. Their governmental policy played a pivotal role in making the vaccine a must for new born. Even in the remote places of our nation people know about the importance vaccine to prevent diseases. We are insisted to take vaccine for smallpox, rubella, measles, whooping cough (Pertussis), flu,  pneumococcal disease, tetanus, meningococcal disease, hepatitis B, mumps, hib (Haemophilus Influenzae Type B) and many diseases. The word Vaccine become synonymic for prevention. We are borrowing the word ‘Vaccine’ without its clinical compound and using it to name our education kit for perfect personal health management and prevention from heart attack and many diseases that leads to cardiac complications. We proudly call our educational multimedia kit as “Eduvaccine”.  

Like the vaccinated diseases heart attack does not have a vaccine to inject to your body and proof you from heart attack or a stroke complication. Here the major role of prevention and eradication will be played by mass / individual education on personal health management. This education will become a protective vaccine to make everyone heart attack proof. We developed this education kit considering Indian Psych. That is why we call this easy to understand and adopt education kit for optimum protection against heart attack and non communicable diseases that lead to cardiac diseases as “Eduvaccine”. It is a right to copy invention unlike other inventions that is copyrighted. It is free. We need every individual to adopt these easy steps in their life and make them safe from potential heart attack. Do not forget today there is a death in every 10 seconds due to heart attack in our country and we wish no one should lead their beautiful life to a no formal notice end. When we said no formal notice, yes there were lots of minor informal notice you receive during your life as warning signs of cardiac diseases. But how many of us know how to understand and respect those minor passive signs and to prepare ourselves to save from a future massive attack? Study and follow easy to understand Eduvaccine lessons. You will be protected from a possible heart attack, even if you are a cardiac patient.