Eradicating Heart Attack

Eradicating Heart Attack” is a grass route attempt to prevent and eradicate Heart Attack and Strokes from India, and control the epidemic outburst of non-communicable diseases (NCD). Under the program, you first educate yourself on the best healthy heart practices, and then go on to inspire your family and friends and community to resolve for a healthy heart. The words of Mahatma Gandhi that “to see the change, first be the change.” still holds true.

We all want our country to relive its glorious past. And truth be told, we’ll soon realize this dream. However, what is disappointing that we’re also becoming one of the most ignorant societies in the world, as far as understanding and taking care of personal health is concerned.   

NPPEHA is introducing a 5-step process to achieve the best health. It is a time tested procedure from SAAOL (Science and Art of Living). For the last 20 years, over 2 lakh people have been practicing these steps in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, and have completely transformed their lives. Most of these people were either sick or counting their days, but by practicing the SAAOL way of living, they reversed their cardiac diseases and took control of their blood sugar and pressure. You too can join this program, practice the new living style, irrespective of what your current health condition. However, before you start on the program, we’d advise you to first get vaccinated. We believe if Polio can be eradicated, Heart Attack too can be. For polio, there is a vaccine to inject into your body, but for heart attack there is prevention, the vaccine that we offer is in the form of education about heart and your body organs. We call it “Eduvaccine.”


1. Eduvaccine provides you simple education about wise, low cost, yet with all your favourite deshi diet plans to optimise your body metabolism to keep all your organs healthy and young.

2. It shares stress-busting tips, and how to live peacefully. It shares practical ways to unify mind and body through Yoga.

3. It teaches about the art of walking and its long standing benefits for your body and mind.

4. It teaches you to understand your body’s calls and attend it to prevent any shutdowns.

5. It teaches you emergency life-care (CPR) so that you can help people who’re having heart attacks and eradicate Heart Attack deaths.

6. It teaches you to teach others on “Eduvaccine” and spread the good cause to all you love and make India free from Heart Attack.

So what are you waiting for? Join now and be an advocate to ‘Eradicating Heart Attack.’