Eduvaccine is a multimedia kit that can even educate an illiterate person about heart and human body, what leads to heart attack, understanding the warning signs, how to make you proof from heart attack through ethical medical consultation, healthy diet, yoga and exercises, walking, stress management and regular medical tests. How to reverse your cardiac diseases through natural way, how to prevent or control diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, cancer and stress by easy to follow steps. How to take control of your lazy Indian mind, from procrastinating daily routines, so you will be regular in fitness, diet and stay away from addictions like tobacco and alcohol? How to quit your bad habits? Importance of Sound sleep and how to sleep sound and many more vital topics on print, digital and easy to watch and follow videos on a free of cost basis. Also we developed an intelligent mobile app named Saaol Heart Safety Wheel and an online medical in the cloud titles Heart of India for you to constantly watch your health safety and keep a record on your past medical conditions. Heart Attack is an invited disaster by an individual, by an ignorant family, by an ignorant community and now in reality by an ignorant nation. It is time for our nation to jointly fighting against heart attack, the number one killer of India. So be a Volunteer. Advocate the cause. Take Action. Save Lives