Stoppage of heart due to heart attack or breathlessness can be revived if someone can administrate first aid called, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Every life saved will help NPPEHA to lower the count of Heart attack deaths in India. CPR and ECC training to general public is one of the biggest humanitarian initiative of NPPEHA’s V’re the Cure volunteer program. NPPEHA conducts CPR training programs for our volunteers in the medical camp districts. Also those who are interested to know the procedures on CPR, can be handy in an emergency situation to save a life.

Watch these videos and learn about the advanced training programs of American Heart Association for more deep understanding on how a CPR and ECC is performed to save a life. Use the video links below and study the updated  and well researched CPR guidelines prepared by the American Heart Association in the last link. American Heart association is a pioneer in heart attack prevention programs in the world.

Videos on how to conduct a CPR