Can India Eradicate Heart Attack?

A Systematic Approach To Various Challenges

The global studies conducted by various organizations, including WHO, confirm that Cardio Vascular Diseases are high among South Asian countries, and India leads the top not only in South Asian countries, but also across the world. There was a time when CVD was considered in India as something that affects only the rich, but now the studies conducted by CCDC, India’s prime Centre for Chronic Diseases Control, proves that it is now a national calamity that affects the whole spectrum of Indian population, irrespective of their economic divisions. The 2004 WHO study data confirms that India will see a two-fold increase in the number of patients by 2025.

Drastic lifestyle changes among Indians have led to an unprecedented boom in Cardiac Diseases. Smoking, tobacco chewing, alcohol consumption and bad eating habits with reduced physical activities are leading the nation to a disaster. Also eruption of disparities of living standards and high ambitions with the large number of people migrated to Urban settings exploded the level of individual mental stress. A quick and effective education on healthy living and heart conditions is important. NPPEHA’s first 2 phases are designed like North Karelia Project as demonstration phases to have a large study across the country. These phases will give a detailed insight into various factors that lead to is chemic heart disease in real Indian settings; we’ll also test the effectiveness of mass-communication techniques employed under the campaign, the follow-ups, and also of the penetration fo the community based programs all across India. Even though NPPEHA is planned only for Cardio Vascular Diseases, the awareness will also help control Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Obesity, Cancer and many other Non-communicable chronic diseases. First two phases of the project are planned to conduct as a massive level private study with the assistance of various governmental and non-governmental agencies for research in their respective areas.