Be an advocate

Every day, Indian's lives are touched by heart disease, stroke, diabetes and blood pressure. Whether it is our own health that is impacted or the lives of our family members, friends, or co-workers, there is a lot at stake when it comes to fighting our nation's No. 1 killer, Heart Attack. As you already know, every 10 seconds, 1 person is getting killed by Heart Attack. Every day 900 youths are dying out of heart attack, leaving behind shattered families. To change it all, we have to come together and speak out for policies that help build healthier communities and healthier lives. The policies and carefully-planned programs have the potential to save lives and thousands of families every day.   

For more than 30 years, “You’re the Curehas been a successful programme with the American Heart Association / American Stroke Association. It draws its inspiration from the world-class North Karelia Project that brought a control over Heart Attack deaths in Finland and Europe. We need to introduce more and more such programs in India and customise them for our society. Let us be a community of fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends, researchers and caregivers who are passionate about an India that is free of heart diseases and strokes. Each day, NPPEHA works together to advocate for heart-healthy and NCD free communities through individual life actions. We are also requesting for a legislative policy for a compulsory health education for all across India. we hope you will join us

Want to know more about what we do and the impact we are achieving? Take a look at this video, which highlights about the personal success stories of our advocates on their “You’re The Cure" advocacy!